Rohan 2 is a mobile MMORPG game that was announced in 2016 for PC and is now being developed for smartphones. At the same time, from the frames seen, one gets the feeling that this game is different from Rohan Mobile. It has more realistic graphics (probably using Unreal Engine 4), a third-person view and a more modern interface.

Rohan 2 will have all the features familiar to fans of mobile MMORPGs – autorunning, autobattle and an emphasis on PvP with a separate button in the lower right corner of the screen. It will probably still be possible to play Rohan 2 via an Android emulator on a PC.

Rohan 2 is scheduled to officially launch in South Korea in 2024. It is still difficult to imagine that such a game will take root in the CIS and the West – there are too many competitors in the faces of Black Desert Mobile, Blade & Soul and other more popular franchises.

Even more surprising are the local enemies – miniature fairies with swords.

On the plus side, one can note the beautiful architecture, but with a lot of blur.

Also, urban locations and the local world in general seem too large to travel on foot. Therefore, we are waiting for information on mounts and, possibly, flights.


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