RF Online Next is a game for iOS, Android and PC from the Korean publisher Netmarble. Gamers will be able to create an avatar-pilot who will control huge robots, or simply wear an exoskeleton suit similar to the game Anthem.

RF Online Next will offer different locations – from green and light fields to cyberpunk and neon cities. The adventures will take place from a third-person perspective. Players will work together to destroy waves of enemies in the open world and participate in PvP.

The game RF Online Next will be shown at G-Star 2023. So far, you can watch 2 trailers with CGI inserts and footage of real gameplay. The developers promise to expand the RF Online universe, which they launched in 2004. Now we just have to wait for World of Warcraft Mobile, another successor to the “old lady” MMORPG.

Some Korean gamers are already criticizing RF Online Next for the fact that there is little left of the original RF Online. At the very least, you should wait for the Korean release first, and only then the global launch. But this is unlikely to happen before 2024.


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