Aura Kingdom 2: Evolution is a mobile MMO available on Android in Indonesia and the Philippines. This is a replacement for Aura Kingdom 2, the old links to which no longer work.

For the iOS version of Aura Kingdom 2: Evolution, pre-registration is underway through the App Store, the approximate release date is September 5, 2023. It’s a pity that Russian is not listed among the languages.

In Aura Kingdom 2: Evolution, players can create and customize an avatar. Although the graphics are at the mobile level, which can scare away gamers who are used to Unreal Engine 4, smooth animations and support for 60 FPS even on weak devices are a serious argument.

What’s new in Aura Kingdom 2: Evolution compared to the previous version?

  • New multi-colored crystals to improve equipment;
  • Optimization of classes and talents to make it easier for players;
  • Guilds now have dues, buildings, and a talent system;
  • New adventures with modes: Abyss, Guild Ship and Territory War.

Aura Kingdom 2: Evolution is definitely worth a try – the game doesn’t look like another clone of Lineage, Perfect World and other Asian MMOs.

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