Astral Lord: Origin is a mobile MMORPG available on iOS and Android in Asia. The game offers 4 classes, each of which is aimed at maximum damage in PvP. The developers also added a simple character editor.

Astral Lord: Origin players will receive great rewards if they log in during the first week of Early Launch. The game offers an oriental setting and auto-leveling. The main thing is to increase the overall level of strength. I am glad that the leveling of the character is fast and in the first minutes he will reach level 10.

Astral Lord: Origin also added video inserts on the game engine. Basically, the characters will jump between islands floating in the air, destroying the forces of Evil in the face of demons. Of course, time-limited premium offers are also available.

Also in Astral Lord: Origin, you need to get and upgrade assistants that increase the characteristics of the hero. Plus they have a stylish look. Well, beginners will receive a set with 10,000 coins.

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