Dungeon & Evil Hunter is a mobile game from the publisher mobirix in the idle-RPG genre. You can play it on Android in half the countries of the world, including the Russian Federation. The App Store release will take place on October 31st.

Dungeon & Evil Hunter has isometric graphics, thanks to which the game will run even on budget smartphones. Some players didn’t like the fact that there was no Russian language, the style was gloomy, and the controls were automatic. Gamers also have problems with the interface and virtual buttons.

It’s nice that you can level up your character and his skills while he’s fighting enemies. This game also has an equipment system. You can move to the next location after destroying the boss at the portal. It’s a shame that you don’t encounter NPCs or real players during the auto-run.

There are also guilds in Dungeon & Evil Hunter, they open after reaching level 10. Interestingly, one of the first bosses the player encounters closely resembles Diablo from the first Diablo.

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