In the official Discord channel of the game Mission Evo, developers reportedthat they are going to close their brainchild. The problem is the lack of funding, which makes development physically impossible to continue.

At the same time, in Telegram groups and In contact with Like-minded people have already begun to gather to give Mission Evo high marks in the markets, and also to send letters to the Mission Evo publisher about investing in this project further. Looks pretty nice – people really liked this game.

The Mission Evo server shutdown is unlike anything the mobile industry has faced during the eras of Just Cause Mobile, Battlefield Mobile, and Apex Legends Mobile. This time, not only the players are sad, but also the developers themselves.

According to players in the Mission Evo VC group, the publisher of this project has found a more interesting project in the MMORPG genre. Also, some gamers are skeptical about the idea of ​​supporting Mission Evo with “likes” and letters – they believe that the publisher has made its decision and there is no turning back.

In the same VK, players are already complaining that they cannot log into the old servers. And the new one is played by 9 people.


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