Mini Survival: Zombie Fight is a mobile game available on Android smartphones. You can download the client via Google Play. In terms of gameplay, the game is reminiscent of Don’t Starve – you have to cut down trees, complete missions and gradually improve your tools, plus build a base. All this is needed to protect against zombies.

Interesting things about Mini Survival: Zombie Fight is a mini-game during which the player targets the dead and shoots them with a crossbow.

Like Don’t Starve, Mini Survival: Zombie Fight has a day and night cycle, the player can see in real time when it will become dusk and so on.

Most often, zombies will attack at night, so you need to build watchtowers and deploy powerful units that will shoot the dead. You also need to collect food and resources to create equipment and improve buildings.

Some materials and items can be bought from a wealthy merchant who visits various shelters.

You can also save animals, feed them and train them. Each pet has its own characteristics and buffs for the team.

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