To be in a dimension Edge in Minecraft, you will have to take a number of steps. After that, you can go through the portal and fight with end dragon.

1. Diamond pickaxe.

The first and most important thing you will need. Only with its help you can get the obsidian necessary for the construction portal to the nether world. You will also need to get more diamonds.

2. Portal to the Nether.

Portal to the Nether in minecraft
After obtaining enough obsidian, build a portal to the Nether and go through it. Here you need to find any infernal fortress that has ifrits.

3. Fire rod.

fire rod minecraft
After finding the spawn location of ifrits, wait for them to appear and kill until you collect six fire rods. The easiest way – . Having received the required number of rods, return to the ordinary world.

4. Wanderer of the Edge.

Ender wanderer minecraft
Now your task is to kill several Ender wanderersTo obtain end pearl. By combining it with fire dust obtained from rods at a workbench, you will receive Eye of the End. All you need 12 pearls.

5. Search for a portal to the End.

Finding a portal to the End in minecraft
After making the Eye of Ender, toss it up so that it indicates the direction to the nearest portal. If it hangs in place, then you need to dig down until you come across a fortress with a portal.

6. Edge.

edge in minecraft
It’s time to activate the portal. Place 12 Ender Eyes around the perimeter of the portal and enter it. You will find yourself in the dimension of the Edge, where you will meet numerous wanderers of the Edge and a dragon. Also here is obsidian towers, which can quickly heal him, so before the battle you will have to climb on them and destroy the pink block on top. After that, head to the center of the island, where the Ender Dragon will be waiting for you. The fastest way to deal with him is to use an enchanted bow and arrow.

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Good luck!


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