First night in the world Minecraft – a real test. When the sun goes below the horizon, Mobs come into play. And the day passes very quickly, especially if you spend it in preparation for the night. One night in the world of Minecraft is equal to 10 minutes in reality.

It’s so easy to forget about building a shelter when you’re mining for shiny diamonds or looking for new lands to explore. Sometimes, carried away by these things, you raise your head to the sky and realize that there is not much time left. You urgently need housing. And if there is no wool for the bed in the inventory, you will have to shake for your life all night, but you still need to build a shelter.

By the end of the first day, you may have a lot of sand, wood or stone in your inventory. There are much fewer options for action if the whole day was spent wandering through the fields. It doesn’t matter how ready you are for the night. Only one thing matters: A guide to help overcome the fear of the dark in this creepy world.

Option 1: Cabin

The cabin is a small ground structure that will help you spend a cozy night.

The most proven option. The cabin is a small above-ground structure that will help you spend a cozy night. The cabin should be at least 3 blocks high (the roof starts at 3 blocks), but I prefer to make it higher so that there is at least some headroom. When building the first building, you need to find a flat piece of land and create the main outline of the Cabin.

Don’t worry about not having a door: you can safely do it when everything else is ready and you are safe.

In addition, you can always create coal from wood for torches. Once you’re safe in the cockpit, you can dig down to expand your holdings.

Monsters will not be able to pass through a one block hole, so it can be made for a window. From it you can see how safe the situation is outside. It’s so easy, digging down, not to notice that morning has already come.

Option 2: Hole

Hole in minecraftA hole is the most affordable option, because it does not need blocks.

This option exists only for the most desperate travelers.

When night finds you in the desert, every minute counts.

You need housing and urgently.

You need to dig down three blocks and lay the top in order to get a hole.

Below you can dig for expansion.

But you need to dig up very carefully, because the path to the Mobs opens.

A hole is the most affordable option, because it does not need blocks.

The best option for adventurers and fools.

Option 3: Cave

Cave in MinecraftThe beauty of a cave is that you know you are protected by dirt and rocks.

Hiding in a cave is the coolest option.

In Minecraft, a cave is a comfortable place to relax.

By changing the walls of the cave, you can make comfortable housing.

The beauty of a cave is that you know you are protected by dirt and rocks.

However, the cave is often inhabited by dangerous mobs.

At best, they will interfere with sleep in bed. At worst, they attack if you are not protected.

If you want to relax and quickly fence yourself off from enemies with walls, the cave is ideal. You just need to take Torches, Pickaxe and Sword with you.

Option 4: Island

Island in MinecraftThe farther the island is from the ground, the better: the monsters will not spawn, and on the ground you are in real danger.

This option requires a little more skill than all the others. The island is created artificially in the water.

It is on it that you need to wait out the attack of the mobs.

Monsters will not float in water, so only the ground threatens you. The longer the island is away from her, the better.

Find an isolated spot and swim straight down.

From the bottom, build a tower to the very top.

From the top block of the tower, you can create a platform and increase the island.

The chances of surviving on a flat surface are high, but for safety, it is better to create several walls and arrange an above-water shelter.

Option 5: House on the mountain

House on the mountain in MinecraftThere are many advantages in building a house on a mountain: a great view, finding housing is not difficult.

There are many advantages to building on a hill.

Great overview of what’s going on around.

In addition, finding accommodation will be quite simple.

These are the biggest advantages of housing on the mountain.

However, the height can become a minus and create the illusion of security.

After all, you may not be lucky, and crowds of enemies will attack housing.

It is always worth keeping the door locked, in order to avoid unpleasant incidents.

Option 6: Treehouse

Treehouse in MinecraftMake sure mobs can’t climb into the tree dwelling. Remember: mobs can only jump one block.

The tree gives height, which helps to stay away from enemies.

If you do everything right, you can even build a staircase to housing. If not, then getting to the house will not be easy.

The main thing is to make sure that the mobs will not be able to climb into the housing. If you put blocks to get into it, remove them.

Remember: Monsters can only jump one block. This knowledge will help in survival.

However, one major threat remains – spiders. If the housing is built well, then they cannot get inside.

In addition, the trees are shaped like mushrooms and with a hat protect against the attacks of evil creatures. But it’s still better to build a roof yourself.

Option 7: Flying Fortress

Flying Fortress in MinecraftA flying fortress is difficult and dangerous to create, but it is one of the most effective structures that will help you avoid mobs from attacking.

Almost the same as a tree house, only “tree” you need to create yourself. A flying fortress is difficult and dangerous to create, but it is one of the most effective structures. You need to throw blocks under your feet to reach a certain height.

When the distance suits you, you can safely stop. Glavishly remember: still need to go down.

This must not be forgotten. Tip: Squat at a high altitude. This will help keep it from falling off the block when building the platform. It is the creation of the platform that needs to be dealt with in the first place. When it gets big enough, you can build walls that will definitely protect against falling.

It is best to build such an island near the water. You can safely jump into it and not take any damage. If the fortress is just in the air, and there is no water under your feet, you need to descend carefully, placing one block at a time. Blocks left behind are best destroyed.

Option 8: Underwater fortress

Underwater fortress in MinecraftOne of the most complex structures of all time, but the game is worth the candle.

The protagonist of the game “Bioshock” Andrew Ryan created an underwater bunker, which he called “Calm”. Just such an underwater utopia can be created in Minecraft.

But be aware: this is one of the most complex structures in the entire game. First of all, you need to create a large shell under water.

It must be filled with different blocks (dirt, earth or other material) to remove water.

For the shell, it is best to use glass. After all, watching everything that is happening in the underwater kingdom is pleasant and soothing.

Also, the shell is best strengthened by making it from several layers. After all, if one layer is destroyed, the underwater building will not sink.

Option 9: Tower

Tower in MinecraftCreate a magnificent architectural structure, you can try and have time to do it in 1 day.

Some people play Minecraft to relax and let off steam.

And some want to create a beautiful architectural structure.

Those who are well trained may well create a beautiful structure in 1 day.

It can be a flimsy one-story house or a huge beautiful castle.

I do not advise beginners to create towers and castles at once.

But this is what all players should strive for: to create beauty in a small amount of time.

Option 10: Running

Running in MinecraftThe easiest and least stressful option is to run. Kill the monsters on your way and don’t be afraid of anything, don’t forget about the food supply as well.

And now the simplest and most classic version. If you don’t want to create a building in order to survive, you can just run. Why should some monsters stop incredible adventures?

You are a cool guy. Therefore, just kill everyone in your path, sowing death and destruction.

The main thing is to keep a stock of food so as not to die of hunger. And don’t forget the torches to light the way.

And a rule worth remembering, regardless of the choice of survival option at night: torches and other sources of light prevent enemies from respawning.

If the night still scares you, don’t despair. You can safely switch to Peaceful game mode.

Enemy Mobs do not spawn in it, and health is constantly restored.

Try all these options and create your own!


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