Micro Hunter: Tiny World is a mobile RPG that can be played on Android in the US. In it, you need to complete tasks and explore locations near houses, in forests and grass, playing as little people. This means that they need to craft items – equipment, weapons – in order to then fight back against ants, spiders and other monsters.

Micro Hunter: Tiny World players also need to gradually upgrade their shelter, as this will allow you to save more items outside the inventory. Interestingly, each player has his own leaf house; they can be seen during the selection of a new location, for example, a dungeon. Probably in this game you can join clans and participate in PvP raids for materials.

Micro Hunter: Tiny World is a unique project for smartphones, which can already be called a mobile replacement for Grounded. One of the advantages of character leveling is the ability to tame some animals and use them to participate in battles. For now, we are waiting for at least a trial run on iOS.

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