Crate Entertainment
released in early access city-building simulator Farthest Frontier. About this developers diabloid
Grim Dawn
reported on the game’s page on Steam.

The studio claims that it has implemented the most detailed farming simulation in its project – there are 10 crops grown alone. There are also 17 types of food and 14 raw materials in the game, which creates a fairly detailed in-game economy.

Players can customize the difficulty for themselves and engage in peaceful development of the settlement, or constantly fight for survival, coping with epidemics, then with raids. Moreover, outbreaks of infections will occur if people do not have clean water or a varied diet, and invasions – in the absence of at least a wooden palisade and some kind of garrison.

Before Crate Entertainment
said that early access will last from four to eight months. And at first, the gameplay will be enough for more than 10 hours.

Farthest Frontier
sold on Steam for 515 rubles.

Perhaps the developers will hope for at least a fraction of the success of another game in early access – fighting game Multiversus
with famous characters Warner Bros.
even before the release got more than 10 million players.


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