Studio Behavior Interactive has released a new trailer for its next action game with asynchronous multiplayer Meet Your Maker. The developers also announced that the game will be available on a PlayStation Plus subscription on the day of release – April 4th.

In addition to the new gameplay in the video, the developers also talked about a variety of strategies for building their own outposts, which other players will have to rob.

The game will not allow the user to create a “dungeon” that cannot be completed. But players can complicate the task in many ways: traps, labyrinths, moving platforms, various enemies and changing elements of the environment.

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Meet Your Maker Open Beta Begins February 6th

The developers also gave some tips on passing outposts. You can play carefully, checking every corner, and not move on until you are sure the room is safe. Another approach came from the culture of speedrunning – such players rush forward, relying on the speed of reflexes.

The developers share the opinion that any game gets better with a friend. Therefore, you can build outposts or raid them in co-op.

Meet Your Maker will be released April 4, 2023 on PC (Steam), Xbox and PlayStation. Support for the Russian language is not declared.


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