Warner Bros. owns the rights to an extensive list of characters – from movie characters, like the Terminator, to cartoons. According to the EUIPO website, the company decided to take ownership of Big Chungus – a fat Bugs Bunny that scattered into memes.

The application description states that Warner Bros. will be able to use Big Chungus to create clothes, toys, video games and more.

Big Bugs Bunny has already appeared in mobile Looney Tunes: World of Mayhem. Now, as foreign media suggest, the character has a direct road to MultiVersuswhere other heroes were registered Warner Bros.. If the big guy is added to the fighting game, then, most likely, in the form of a skin for Bugs, the rabbit has been in the project since the release.

Big Chungus went viral in late 2018 when a picture of a chubby Bugs Bunny stylized as a PlayStation 4 game was posted on Reddit. For some reason, it gained so much popularity that marketers Warner Bros. could not help noticing.


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