In CS:GO, it is important to acquire the right weapon to defeat the enemy

Start the game well from the start

So, you’ve won a pistol round, and now you want to dominate your opponent even more. At this stage, it is very important to properly plan the costs: CS:GO is a game in which you can lose because you spent too much or, conversely, did not spend money at the wrong time.

After the first – pistol – round, it’s time for this very planning. Economic, you know, advantage! And you can achieve it by investing in PP, or SMG, and quite understandably – submachine guns. All of them, except for the P90, give a bonus of $600 for a kill – this is twice as much as with pistols or rifles. Perhaps only shotguns have more – $ 900 per kill. However, shotguns are good at close range or in narrow corridors, so you will get into a very awkward situation while fighting for a bomb site.

And that’s why SMGs are usually the best. Just one thing to keep in mind, especially when playing as terrorists: you have to work together. If counter-terrorists bought, for example, Five-Sevens, then they can just headshot you before you get close. And in the end, you just lose an expensive gun and a chance to win a round.

When to use which PP

submachine gun MP9MP9 submachine gun

With MP9 it’s easier – exclusive for counter-terrorists, after all. It has low damage, and it doesn’t penetrate armor well, but it only costs $1250. And the price is not the only plus: the MP9 is not that difficult to control when you run, and it just has a crazy rate of fire. Each bullet individually does not cause much damage, but it will be easier to take out an unprotected enemy. But with the armored ones you have to take a chance and get closer.

If you win the pistol round, but the terrorists manage to plant the bomb, then they will most likely save money in the second round to stock up well in the third. In this case, MP9 will be the best choice. And for an aggressive style of play, this gun is ideal.

The terrorist analogue of MP9 is MAC-10. The cheapest SMG in the game is $1050. The stats are almost the same as the MP9, and this is probably the best choice if you are the first in the attack. Then you will distract the opponents towards you and pull them towards you. And then your teammates with more powerful weapons will be able to clear the point.

submachine gun UMP-45The UMP-45 submachine gun can deal significant damage to the enemy

The MP7 ($1700) shoots slower than the MP9 or MAC-10, but is slightly more accurate, so you can headshot at medium ranges. You can even climb up like a real sniper. The MP7 will also be heavier, so from the 240 something per second that you would have with an MP9 or MAC-10, you will jump to 220. In general, the MP7 is rarely used – it’s a rather ridiculous mix of cheap SMG and UMP-45 . Much more effective when some teammates take the UMP-45 and some the MP9 or MAC-10.

By the way, about the UMP-45. Brutal weapon. If it’s not enough for you that the damage from it is quite high, and the armor breaks through once or twice, then here you are: it shoots at 666 meters. Yes, this SMG is slower than the ones we talked about, but at medium distances, shots are more accurate. If you think that opponents will stock up on armor, then the UMP-45 is your choice. It costs $1200, which is insanely inexpensive considering you can use it in the first round.

P90 is probably the best SMG in the game – if you are going to kill enemies with it, of course, and not dance. Especially if the enemies are armored. Costs $2350, gives only $300, which means it’s not a bad choice if your team wants to build a good arsenal, but one of you can’t afford armor and an assault rifle. True, in the second round it is better to use a SP with a bonus of $600 per kill, even if you can afford more.

PP in the first pistol round

Bizon submachine gunKeeping the SMG on the first pistol round is low risk, high reward.

A very controversial and controversial topic. If you have won all the rounds up to the first pistol round, the enemy team will go for a global buy. Should I leave the SMG or upgrade it to an assault rifle? Maybe leave SMG, because the more rounds you lose in a row, the more money you get at the beginning of the next round (you can go up to $3400). The first loss gives only $1,400 – in general, not much.

Two possible outcomes of the first pistol round: you win or you lose. Logical, right? If you win, you get $60 per kill and don’t even invest in new weapons. If you lose, you’re still rowing for kills, but the other team is winning, not you. Because you didn’t buy an assault rifle, you have more than enough money left to buy it later. If you win the next round, then everything that your opponents have accumulated disappears, so they will either have to spend everything or go to the eco round. In general, keeping an SMG in the first pistol round is low risk, high reward. Perfect!

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