Here the other day in the multiplayer online game Blade & Soul, an add-on was released with a new class of master of anger, which is armed with a huge sword and can be both a full-fledged DD and a real Tank, so that perhaps many of you will be interested in it. So, let’s try to arrange for him the maximum analysis of the little things.

So, the Master of Wrath is a melee warrior also known as Warrior or Tusan, who fights with huge zambato swords. However, to strike, he uses his own HP (health). Also, characters of this class have a useful team buff.

It is also the class with the slowest attacks. This lack compensates for high damage and truly huge AoE attacks. Elements used: lightning and ice.

Players share these elements as follows:

Lightning is considered to be the most sharpened for PvE, but ice for PvP, but this is not accurate.

In principle, it is the element of ice that is most suitable for tanking.

Accordingly, in the passage of the dungeons, he shows himself very worthy.

By the way, the complexity of this class is three and a half stars.

The master of wrath also has his own analogue of the “wings” group buff, which makes him a rather desirable character in any group and raid.

At first glance, this class is quite difficult to master, but as soon as you run the first dungeon on it, you will understand how enjoyable it is in terms of the game, even if you play in piano mode and just poke all the buttons in a row.


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