Not every decision made in Mass Effect 3 can satisfy both parties. You will have to make sacrifices and you will have to deal with the consequences for the rest of the game. This is what happens when you discover that the Rachni Queen has been enslaved by the Reapers, and if you’re having a hard time deciding whether to save the Rachni or the Grunt crew in Mass Effect 3, rest assured you’re not alone.

That is why we have prepared this small guide on this topic. Below you will find a detailed description of exactly what factors influence the outcome of your choice, what you get if you take one side and not the other, and much more.

Mass Effect 3: Is it worth saving the Rachni team or Grunt?

Before we begin, it needs to be clarified that this choice will only be difficult for those who choose to kill the Rachni Queen in the first Mass Effect.

This means that the Rachni queen in Mass Effect 3 was created by the Reapers and will be under their control regardless of your choice. As a result, she will turn against you even if you decide to save her, and this will cost you combat resources afterwards. Therefore, if you didn’t save the Rachni Queen in the first game, you should choose to save Grunt’s team.

If you saved the queen in the first game, then the choice will not be so clear. By rescuing the real Queen from the Reapers, you can get as many resources from her as you can from Grunt’s team. Later, she will not turn her back on you, and you can get a large amount of Paragon points for your efforts.

Given all this, you can make a choice that suits you. If you want to save the rachni from extinction once again, save the queen. If you don’t want to lose Grunt’s team, then save them.

Can Grunt be saved after saving the Queen?

It should be clarified that Grunt will not die if you choose to save the Rachni Queen in Mass Effect 3.

If you completed his mission in Mass Effect 2, he will be able to get out of the rachni tunnels controlled by the Reapers. After that, it will be useful as a Krogan combat asset and will be able to further increase the resources that you received after saving the team.

That’s all there is to know about what to do in Mass Effect 3: save the Rachni team or Grunt. To learn more about what choices to make as you progress through the trilogy, check out our Mass Effect Legendary Edition guides.


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