Not a single major novelty goes unnoticed by dataminers. Here in the computer files Marvel’s Spider-Man found something interesting.

The code Marvel’s Spider-Man contains hints of co-op and PvP. It seems that either the multiplayer game was cut from the remaster, or it remained at the level of developments that did not live to be translated into reality.

Apparently, at least one-on-one matches were planned – Peter Parker against Miles Morales. For example, the line “Peter Parker/Miles Morales – The Superior Spider-Man” speaks for itself.

In addition, there are references to the red and blue teams, which may indicate battles with more than two users or a PvE mode where heroes fight alongside NPCs.

Potential co-op is indicated by a direct mention (if set and in co-op), as well as the designation of two characters and players.

Perhaps multiplayer is implemented in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 “Peter and Miles will be there.” True, the sequel is called a single adventure.

Probably, Sony will offer PC gamers to link their PSN account to certain games and give out in-game rewards for doing so.

In files Marvel’s Spider-Man appear PSNAccountLinked, PSNLinkingEntitlements, PSN Linking bonuses and LevelCapExtras. The game cannot be combined with PSN, but it seems that the authors considered this possibility.

Recently, a page with games for PC has appeared on the PlayStation website. One of the most frequently asked questions in the FAQ is whether a PSN account is required to play games on PC. To this the company responds: “No, you do not currently need a PSN account to play games PlayStation Studios on PC”.

Whether a PSN account will be needed in the future is an open question.


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