Insomniac’s long-awaited Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 has finally arrived for PlayStation 5. From midnight on Friday – October 20, 2023 – the game became available to everyone who pre-ordered it digitally. Let us remind you that the sequel from Sony received the original Russian voice acting with actors from the first part, but it is not available in all editions (it is not available in the American PSN).

The second part of the Marvel’s Spider-Man series is quite different from the first. In the sequel, you can play as two heroes at once – Peter Parker or Miles Morales; the arc of Venom and Kraven appeared in the plot; Peter received symbiote abilities and a new suit, and the game world itself became twice as large.

The game has already been received with a bang and has become one of the top releases of the year. On the same Metacritic Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 collected 91%, which immediately overtook other Insomniac Games projects. Apparently, the developers took the “safe” path and released a sequel without radical innovations: if you enjoyed the first part, you will definitely like the second.

There are three ways to buy a game in Russia

  1. Digitally via PlayStation Network. The price will directly depend on the region, as well as the presence of the Russian language in the game.
  2. In the form of a disk in any network market, like M. Video – there You can already pre-order for a fabulous 9999 rubles.
  3. On, where the digital version of the game is already for sale for 6990 rubles. Just be careful when purchasing: look at the reviews and seller ratings.

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