Collaboration Tops Top Unexpected Anime Crossovers
Marvel and
Electronic Arts. If you have already started imagining an RPG about the adventures of Doctor Strange and the Scarlet Witch in the multiverse biowarewe hasten to disappoint: two multimedia giants have agreed to launch superheroes in the most “suitable” franchise for this – in FIFA.

In Ultimate Team mode FIFA 23dedicated to the upcoming World Cup, there will be cards of athletes who stylized under the comic style Marvel. The abilities of the heroes will be associated with their highest achievements on the world stage.

In addition, players will receive other items such as balls and kits. Also later, users will be able to read the Marvel Heroes online comic with the biographies of football players in the representation of comic book masters.

FIFA 23 will be released September 30th. One of the innovations of the game will be women’s club teams.


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