Collectible card games, or, more simply, CCGs have already become a whole gaming genre that has really captured hundreds and thousands of players around the world. One way or another, there is none of the modern players who have not encountered this at all.

On smartphones, CCIs have long been very popular. And what is already here to talk about such a cult game as Hearthstone, but it can get boring.
Now she has a worthy competitor, which all fans of the genre have long been aware of, but personally I just managed to taste it!

And now I’m talking about The Elder Scrolls: Legends.

In principle, this game copies all the basic mechanics of the same Hearthstone, but has slightly more complex rules, although they are not so complicated that they cannot be figured out in the first hour of the game.

It’s worth starting with the fact that the playing field here is divided into two zones: normal and shadow. The second is different in that most of the creatures laid out in it automatically receive invisibility for one turn and cannot be attacked by enemy troops. This does not apply only to defender creatures, the whole point of which is to draw the attention of the enemy to themselves and cover the allies. This division seriously affects the dynamics of the battle and opens up new tactical possibilities.

In addition, there are mechanics in Legends that are not in the same Hearthstone. For example, each participant in the battle has a set of runes that are activated when receiving 5 damage. When a rune is turned on, its owner draws an additional card from the deck. but this seemed not enough, so the creators came up with a new card property, “Prophecy”. Cards with this mark can be played for free and at any time if they were drawn when the rune was activated. Thanks to this, players periodically have the opportunity to wedge into someone else’s move and try to destroy the plans of the enemy. In principle, this can be considered a kind of replacement for special abilities and the same heroes in Hearthstone.

Maps, money and The Elder Scrolls: Legends

But the most important feature of this game can be considered a full-fledged, albeit linear story company. And this is no banal campaign for the sake of education, but a real full-fledged story. The first act of the company consists of 10 chapters. After passing each chapter, cards and other pleasant little things fall out. There are moments of choice in the course of the story, which in one way or another will affect the formation of your deck. You can also open special story decks of cards.

As for the multiplayer mode, it became available to me personally after the 5th level.

Maps, money and The Elder Scrolls: Legends

In general, during these winter holidays, the game managed to tighten me up a lot and leave a pleasant impression of myself. If you want a game set in The Elder Scrolls universe that fits in your pocket, or rather on your smartphone, then The Elder Scrolls Legends is definitely your choice. Also, this game can be advised to those who are far from collectible card games, but would like to join the general fun. And for those who are tired of the same Hearthstone, I advise you to take a closer look at this game.

Well, the video for you, as usual, is below.


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