Magical Girl: Idle Pixel Hero is a mobile role-playing game with pixel graphics and anime style. In it, the character, an anime girl, flies on a broom and fights forest monsters. Thanks to this, she completes quests and increases her level.

Magical Girl: Idle Pixel Hero has released worldwide on iOS and Android. This is an idle-RPG, so leveling up occurs with one button, plus the developers from Super Planet promise a sea of ​​AFK rewards.

Unfortunately, this game does not have the Russian language – they complain about this in Google Play reviews, and this language is also not listed in the App Store. Despite this, the mobile project received 4.5 stars out of 5. Those who have played note that they can chat and ask for help.

Here’s what they’re asking to add in future updates to Magical Girl: Idle Pixel Hero:

  • Stable chat;
  • Plot;
  • Adding as a friend;
  • View another player’s profile.

Gamers from Russia note that they do not display advertising. It actually exists, but it probably won’t work without a VPN.

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