“Loyalty: Knights and Princesses” – an entertaining example of a browser-based multiplayer computer game developed by the Belarusian company “Visor Interactive” (creator of such hits as “Neverlands”, “Zombie Farm” and “UNIT-ONLINE”). It works in the largest Russian social networks: the application was first opened for users of VKontakte in 2013, then in 2014 Odnoklassniki and Moi Mir pulled themselves up. Since then, the game has amassed a decent legion of fans.

First of all, the project is interesting because, in fact, it is two completely different games. The choice of one of them occurs at the very beginning, at the stage of character creation – the choice of his gender determines the lion’s share of the content of the further game. Female characters become real hearth keepers by playing the classic farming game: growing flowers and trees, cooking, raising animals and managing the estate. Male heroes, on the other hand, can go to the lists and fight in a knightly duel for the honor of a lady or just for fun.

Loyalty: Knights and Princesses

Speaking of honor ladies: the game actively encourages interaction between knights and princesses – otherwise why else is all this needed? The hero can choose the lady he likes as his idol and become her champion in the arena, dedicating a fight to her – from a pragmatic point of view, this is beneficial for both the knight and his chosen one. The princess, in turn, can cook meals for her hero, thereby granting bonuses that help in battle. Characters of different genders should also change items, because some things can only be created by a girl or vice versa, only a knight. Being a loner in Loyalty is unprofitable and uninteresting, constant interaction is one of the key features of the game.

If the arrangement of possessions and the upholding of knightly honor get up in the throat, the player can equip an expedition to uncharted lands and add new virtual territories to his fiefdom, as well as find valuable resources and rare materials. As you move up the gaming ladder, you will be able to open more and more locations. Conquer distant lands and return home with an airship full of valuables! Find unusual trophies and complete your collections – the collected sets are also rewarded.

Loyalty: Knights and Princesses

It is worth saying a few words about the combat system in the game as a knight. The fights are like a card game: each duel member chooses an ability without seeing what the opponent is going to do, and then their knights face a certain outcome. However, heroes can see how many moves an opponent has left and use that to make guesses about their next moves. Accordingly, a knight’s duel here is not just a dice roll – to win you need to use ingenuity and think quickly. The fighters even have upgrades in the style of a real MMO! Improve your knight’s skills, choose abilities and eventually make him a warrior with his own unique style. Good luck in the arena!

The game will constantly offer you activities in the short term, throwing up various tasks for which the player is entitled to small prizes. The developers have created a system that very accurately captures the player’s attention and draws them into an exciting progression through the game. Over time, tasks will become more difficult, but rewards will also grow, and you will acquire new titles, lands and friends.

Speaking of friends, Loyalty requires more than just romantic relationships. “Visor Interactive” remains in its repertoire, actively encouraging game participants to have as many in-game friends as possible: for each you are entitled to bonuses and new opportunities, including for trade and exchange.

Loyalty: Knights and Princesses

Loyalty is still constantly updated and supported by developers: new tasks, various elements for arranging territories, new locations for research in distant lands are added to it. Therefore, the amount of content will only grow over time, maintaining interest in the project.

It would also be useful to talk about the graphics – the game is drawn in the style of familiar Disney cartoons in the spirit of Frozen or Rapunzel. What, if not Disney, can be associated with knights, tournaments, princesses and medieval romance? The picture instantly immerses us in this colorful atmosphere and makes the player a direct part of everything that happens.

Of course, Loyalty is not a game for everyone. Its brightness and fabulousness will not be to everyone’s taste. Nevertheless, it can be said with full confidence that the project has found its audience and has not withered away. If the very words “knight” and “princess” don’t make you feel repulsed, you can safely try: you will at least find something to do for a while – or maybe decide to stay for a long time.


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