Lost Galaxy: Guardian is a role-playing game, an early version of which appeared in the UK on Android. The project has a different setting – robots fight against skinny and huge rats, and on a team with them is an orc woman with simple melee weapons.

Lost Galaxy: Guardian players must participate in turn-based and auto battles, assembling a squad of about 4 characters. Each of them has their own role in the team: someone shoots from afar, someone deals Electro AoE damage, and so on.

The developers of Lost Galaxy: Guardian promise casual idle gameplay, so rewards and materials can be earned at any time. Also, players will be able to try their hand at different game modes, as well as solve puzzles.

According to the plot of Lost Galaxy: Guardian, mobile gamers will have to save the world in the role of the Protector of the Universe. I am glad that the developers give at least 2 free spins in the gacha system. Plus the soundtrack in the main menu is calm and beautiful.

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