Over the past 2 months, the Korean version of Lost Ark has received 4 small updates, which in total brought with them a colossal balancing patch, various changes / improvements and some new content. In this article we will study the most interesting features of the updates, with the exception of the patch (you will find its description in a separate article).

5th anniversary

We will start with the simplest and most interesting. In honor of the 5th anniversary, the following was added to the game:

  • New costumes and weapon skins for each archetype – according to tradition, their designs were developed and chosen by the players themselves through voting. In the album below in the first picture, the costumes are in the following sequence (from left to right / top to bottom) – warrior (man), warrior (woman), monk (man), monk (woman), shooter (man), shooter (woman), magician, assassin, creator.
  • Special costumes that change the appearance of the transformation form for the classes – fury, SCOUT agent and mechanist. You can get them in the game store for 720 blue crystals. To switch between the Character Suit and Transformation Suit interface, you need to click the button at the bottom of the interface.
  • A new pet – a fox with a fluffy collar.
  • New mount – traditional Korean tractor.
  • New profile background.
  • New special island – brought with it a new daily ephons, one achievement and a title.
  • A new temporary event, its essence boils down to collecting memories. The reward is a trophy, a frame and music for the estate.

In addition to the above, according to the standard scheme, using a special coupon you can get the following items completely free of charge: a new costume and skin for weapons, a new mount, a legendary costume and skin for weapons, a new profile background, 100 pheons, a bag with golden books of engravings and various resources to improve your character.

Chaos Rift

Perhaps the most interesting feature of the latest updates is the complete overhaul of the Chaos Rift activity, making it feel almost like new content. It has become, so to speak, much more convenient, much shorter and allows you to get extremely useful rewards. Before moving on, it’s worth clarifying two important points:

  • How recently did it become knownthe updated version will appear on Russian-language servers in November.
  • Some screenshots below are in English, since updated faults appeared on the euro day after day with Korea.

Four legions

The updated version works on the following mechanics:

  • Every hour, a rift appears in the world of one of the four legions.
    • For convenience, copies of the same rift appear on almost every continent, so you don’t have to wait in one specific place.
    • Between themselves, the legion rifts differ in bosses, as well as a special debuff (it actually slightly complicates the process of passing).
  • Player selection is carried out among all servers, and not just one, as was before.
  • The activity is now designed for 4 – 16 players.
  • The entrance model has been updated and now it looks like the picture below (varies depending on the legion).
New model of the entrance to the rift

New model of the entrance to the rift

  • All rifts have an internal division according to the range of equipment level, or, more simply, GSU, which affects the reward and the overall difficulty of opponents (it also changes depending on the size of the group). The range is selected automatically and it is impossible to manually lower or raise it:
    • 1415-1489, 1490-1539, 1540-1579, 1580-1609, 1610-1629, 1630 and above.
  • As a reward, you can get bags of citrine shards for sharpening equipment, various reagents to increase the chance of sharpening, bluevioletgolden engraving books, sets of cards (green and blue ones definitely drop out), bluepurple experience cards and gems.
    • Rewards can still be claimed once per day per account, and of course certain items have a chance to drop.
    • The reward pool has been replenished with items from the “Ghost Ship” and “Secret Dungeons” activities, since they were permanently removed from the game.
    • The reward pool differs depending on the range. For example, until 1579 GA, silverprecious stones of the blue grade drop out, and starting from 1580 GA, silver is replaced by gold, and the blue grade is replaced by purple.
  • With a certain chance, after completing the mechanics, a special enemy may appear, and an additional reward will drop from him.
List of possible rewards

List of possible rewards

  • After the formation of a rift, you can enter it either solo or with a pre-created group, and not just solo, as was before.
  • Once inside, players appear in a waiting room, which leads to a small circular arena.
  • After entering the arena, the main, extremely simple mechanics automatically start: players need to destroy several waves of opponents => then destroy the boss that appears => repeat the actions two more times to get the final reward.
    • After killing each boss, a cumulative buff appears: each stack increases attack speed by 15%, reduces cooldown by 15% and increases the recovery rate of the main resource by 100%.
    • In terms of time, destroying opponents and three bosses takes approximately 3 to 5 minutes.

Due to all the changes above, certain achievements, titles, quests and other things related to rifts / ghost ship / secret dungeons have been updated.


We have improved the “Game Zone” system (read more here) by introducing the following changes and innovations:

  • A new tab has been added to the interface of the system that shows the estates of other players, where game zones are displayed.
  • New decorations have been added for the mode, some can be purchased with stamps.
  • The rules of the first mode have been slightly changed – now as soon as the first player reaches the finish line, the countdown to completion begins, and the results of the race are displayed in a new interface element (located on the left).
  • Two new free modes have been added, in which the player can create anything he wants.
  • We added three new buttons for interacting with the game mode – location tour, rules and exit.
  • We added the ability to kick players from an already created gaming zone, as well as invite players to it.
  • Made other minor qol improvements.

Also, a second mode called Survival was added to the “Game Zone” system, it works as follows:

  • Before starting, the host selects the duration of the match, maximum 1 hour.
  • After starting, everyone appears in a small arena with a bunch of different covers and stands where you can take a gun. If I understand correctly, damage can only be done using it.
  • The gun has 30 rounds (used for a normal attack) and 2 abilities: the first – the character throws a grenade into the specified area (AOE damage), the second – after charging the character shoots along a line in front of him (AOE damage).
  • Once a gun runs out of ammo, you will have to put it down and get a new one.


  • New mechanics have been added to the new transcendence system, slightly simplifying its use, but it is activated only when certain conditions are met.
  • Increased the maximum number of certain items: cap of feathers for resurrection from 999.999 to 999.999.999, cap of emerald and citrine fragments from 9.999.999 to 999.999.999.
  • Finally, a new account tab was added to the inventory, where all combat items are automatically placed. Each item can be stacked up to 999,999,999 times.
  • Added a new post-story purple quest. Unfortunately, it is only available to players who were able to defeat the 4 gates of the last ruler of Fetrania named Kamen. If you want to watch the passage of the quest (contains two new cinematics), you can this link.
  • Memory box:
    • We added a new song for teleportation inside the box; it is given out after completing a special quest to unlock the box. Simply put, the developers simply decided to replace the toy with a song.
    • Added 6 new memory spheres, 8 achievements and 5 titles.
    • We added 3 new rewards – a title, a book with golden cards (your choice), a chest with decorations for the estate.

  • Beatrice has added a new training mode that allows you to practice the mechanics that appear in gates 3 and 4 of the Kamen Raid.
  • Made various changes to gates 2, 3 and 4 of the raid on the ruler of Fetrania – Kamen. Mainly for the purpose of slightly simplifying certain mechanics.
  • Made minor changes to the raid on the ruler of Fetrania – Avrelsud and Illiakan.
  • Two new groups of patterns (10 and 11) have been added to the costume color changing system; in total they contain 8 new patterns.
  • In Chaos/Abyss dungeons and raids on the lords of Fetrania, you can now activate selfie mode.
  • We checked other small changes.
New workout mode

New workout mode


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