Hideo Kojima (Hideo Kojima) – he’s still an entertainer. For example, he inadvertently created a merger rumor Kojima Productions With PlayStation Studiosand later refuted it himself. Now on Twitter Kojima appeared entrythat he does video editing.

“Finished with pre-cutting for today” — wrote the genius and accompanied the tweet with a couple of photos from the workplace. Since the gamescom show is on its way, it can be assumed that Kojima working on a trailer for one of his projects.

For video about Death Stranding 2 it’s still too early – if you believe the lead actor in the first D.S. Norman Reedus (Norman Reedus), the game is under negotiation. But for a joint project with Microsoft it’s time. According to an insider Tom Henderson (Tom Henderson), the game was named Overdose. They also sent him a video with its early version – publish it Henderson did not, but only posted a description.

Officially working with Microsoft Kojima-san announced during the last joint show Xbox and Bethesda. He mentioned that cloud technologies are involved in the new project.

Is not it Kojima Productions bringing something to gamescom 2022? We will find out by watching the opening ceremony – the broadcast is scheduled for August 23, 21:00 Moscow time.


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