Logitech G (gaming brand Logitech) and Tencent Games announced a partnership: together they are going to launch a portable console for cloud gaming. The launch of the device should take place very soon, but the details are not really disclosed.

From the announcement, you can find out the following:

  • Logitech provides his experience in hardware, and Tencent Games in software services.

  • The device supports various cloud platforms, including Xbox Cloud Gaming and GeForce NOW. The parties cooperate with Microsoft and NVIDIA.

  • The release of the device is scheduled for 2022.

  • Neither the characteristics, nor the appearance, nor even the name has yet been disclosed.

Judging by the emphasis on cloud gaming, the console will be low-powered – there is no talk of an analogue of Steam Deck. On the other hand, weak iron is usually accompanied by a low price.

Now any phone can become a portable device for cloud gaming – just connect a controller to it (or even without a controller). So why Logitech and Tencent decided to create their own device and what it is going to trump with so unique is a separate question.


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