RyseUp Studios’ co-op shooter Roboquest has finally left Early Access after being in Early Access for over 3 years. At the moment, the new product is available not only on PC, but also on Xbox via Game Pass, and its cost is Steam is only 815 rubles due to the release discount of 20%. In addition, the game received the first update 1.0, in which the developers added a ton of content: new levels, the final boss, skills, weapons and much more.

Roboquest is a lightning-fast first-person shooter in which we have to upgrade our own camp and constantly look for “upgrades” for ourselves in order to fight stronger enemies. The cooperative shooter is designed for one or two players and is made in a bright cartoon style. It also has roguelike elements: classes, builds, random generation of levels and just a huge arsenal.

You can play the new game on PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. And even in Russian – interface localization has been added to the game.



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