Legend of Wizard: Idle RPG is a mobile game that releases November 16th on iOS and Android. For now, pre-registration is underway in the markets, for which gamers will receive rewards in the form of gacha tickets and diamonds.

In Legend of Wizard: Idle RPG, characters will fight automatically even when you exit the game. So AFK rewards are guaranteed.

More advanced Legend of Wizard players will be able to fight against bosses together with bot assistants. For constant victories, you need to select a build for each situation.

One of the minuses of Legend of Wizard is the lack of Russian language; The App Store lists only English. In terms of gameplay, expect 3D graphics and real-time isometric battles against crowds of enemies.

The game also has a battle pass, achievements, ranks and guilds. Based on the screenshots in the markets, it can be assumed that the characters will always fight on their own.

Legend of Wizard will be a F2P game with in-game purchases. And the character level will be 2,831+, which means a lot of farming.

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