The set offers you to follow the path of the great emperors of the past to gain the Legacy of Persia.

Crusader Kings III: Legacy of Persia is a new pack that adds new content to the game related to Persia and its history. Players can expect new decisions, interactions and buildings for the rulers of the Persian region, as well as special game mechanics that emphasize the importance of clan leadership and protecting the border regions.

Along with new Iranian traditions, rulers will have the opportunity to attract court scientists, hire unique warriors and build new powerful structures that will allow them to extract wealth from barren lands.

Persian characters have received new outfits, buildings have new architecture, and the user interface has received a stylized design. 8 new musical compositions will accompany certain events and create the right mood.

The Crusader Kings III: Legacy of Persia bundle is now available on Steam. This is the final part of the Crusader Kings III Chapter II Pass, which also includes the Tours & Tournaments expansion and the Wards & Wardens pack.


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