Do not trust firing from turrets to “Petroviches”

This guide to the game War Thunder will talk about shooting from turrets. But first, let’s ask ourselves the question – why shoot from the turrets yourself, if there are onboard gunners, called petrovichi in the common people, who can even be pumped?

Everything is explained very simply. Even pumped arrows are not very effective and are not capable of knocking down any player, although the bot – yes, sometimes they can.

So, let’s start our short tutorial on how to fire a machine gun in War Thunder.

The most effective shooting is achieved if the player himself controls the fire from the turrets. According to the sim, you should not focus on pumping the skills of airborne gunners – except for their survivability and quantity.

The next thing to do for someone who has flown a lot of battles and confidently controls the aircraft is to turn off the autopilot in shooter mode – this will allow you to be more free to maneuver while you are firing at the enemy.

The second important step towards becoming a good gunner lies in knowing where, how many and what kind of machine guns or cannons are installed on your aircraft. To do this, you can look at the description of the aircraft and visually determine the location of the turrets yourself. But if you are not sure, you can always make a test flight and determine this empirically.

In addition to this, it would be nice to know how much ammunition you have – how much is enough, so that at one fine moment the inscription “shooter is reloading” does not appear. Also, in order for this inscription to appear less often, you need to know that in the game there is a possibility to overheat the gun.

When the gun starts to overheat, you will see the crosshairs start to blink, and then you should switch to firing in short bursts.

Speaking of firing from turrets, we must also mention tapes. The most effective projectiles in the belt are AP rounds, so the more of them in the belt, the better, for the reason that AP rounds deliver incendiary elements under the skin, which increases the chance of setting fire to the enemy.

In belts for cannons, the opposite is true – high-explosive fragmentation shells are considered to be the most effective. And again, the more, the better.

In order to receive a well-flying fighter that wants to feast on a beaver, it is necessary to substitute for him that part of the aircraft that is more heavily armed. Therefore, it is desirable to know the approximate firing angles of your turrets. Again, this is very easy to check by going on a test flight and seeing in what position each turret can fire. By the way, this skill can be especially useful if you knocked out one or more shooters. And we must try to keep the enemy as long as possible in the zone of destruction of your turret.

Usually, when the player goes into gunner mode, he scratches, fighting for the life of his plane, and often forgets to turn off the afterburner. This must be done in order to remove the fine jitter that occurs due to an increase in engine speed.

From what distance to open fire? Initially it depends on the type or caliber of the bullet or projectile you are shooting. If this is an armor-piercing projectile of 20 mm caliber, then the distance should be less than 1 kilometer. If the projectile is of a smaller caliber, then the effective distance of opening fire should be even less – about 800-700 meters. If we talk about a high-explosive fragmentation projectile, then you can open fire from almost any distance, depending on your shooting accuracy.

How to fight against smart opponents who maneuver away from your bursts? Everything is simple here – shoot in small bursts so that he begins to maneuver even more. This will slow him down a lot and give you distance and time to take him out.

How to take lead or simply how to hit? Unfortunately, this cannot be taught. It all depends on your perseverance and desire to train.

That’s all about turrets in War Thunder. Happy shooting and until new guides on MMOGlobus!


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