Kuroko’s Basketball Street Rivals is a mobile game about basketball matches from the anime and manga Kuroko’s Basketball. It appeared in the App Store and Google Play in Japan, and has already received high ratings – 4.2 stars out of 5. And in the Apple market, the game took 1st place in the top sports genre.

Kuroko’s Basketball Street Rivals players will directly participate in basketball matches by controlling individual characters. The format is “streetball”, so you have to shoot balls into one ring.

In Kuroko’s Basketball Street Rivals you also need to upgrade your characters. This will help you win online matches. Players are also promised a variety of content, including 3v3 matches, training and story missions.

The developers of this game report that Kuroko’s Basketball is popular not only in Japan, but also abroad – the manga’s circulation has exceeded 31 million copies. The peculiarity of the mobile version is that it has many skins and costumes for basketball players that are new to this franchise.

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