The game Dark and Darker Mobile is participating in the G-Star 2023 exhibition. Therefore, the Korean publisher Krafton shared an almost 3-minute gameplay trailer.

This is what the main menu looks like. Before us is a female character with a helmet on her head. Apparently, this player was unable to get something rarer and more pleasing to the eye from the dungeons.

Then we are greeted by the gameplay itself, which is surprisingly well made. So, we manually control the character from a 3rd person view. Our brave warrior destroys the wooden door with one swing of her ax and appears in a multi-level location with many entrances and exits.

The character can carry 2 different weapons, use a torch, jump and duck.

Battles take place not only with real players, but also with bot monsters. Some of them are goblins. They have green blood, which may hint at the censorship of red blood in Korea.

And here’s what the inventory looks like. The hero has many slots for armor, and even for trinkets, they are also accessories. Equipment of varying rarity, you can take it with you.

In addition to armor, there are flasks and precious stones.

This is the first skirmish with a real opponent. He runs towards us, pierced by wall spears.

The enemy has been defeated, now you can look at his loot and take away something useful and valuable.

And this scroll summons a portal, with the help of which we escape from the zone with the received goods. It takes about 10-15 seconds to call, so you need to make sure that nothing sharp comes from your back.

If we return to battles with enemies, there are also spells that allow you to be invisible until you strike the first blow.

In addition to the axe, there is a standard sword and shield, as well as a bow.

Judging by this frame, we can say that some weapons can be enchanted. Or it’s so rare that it comes with visual effects.

This screen greets the player when he successfully escapes through the portal.


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