Mobile MMORPG Lost Ark Mobile from Smilegate was presented at the Korean gaming exhibition G-Star 2023. Korean media, including the publication, were able to play it Inven. Journalists reported that mobile Lost Ark plays and looks like the original Lost Ark. For example, it has 8 basic skills for the hero, 3 additional skills, character awakening and dungeons with cooperative passage.

According to Korean media, when playing Lost Ark Mobile on a PC through an emulator, you get the impression that you are playing the original Lost Ark. This doesn’t mean that the mobile version doesn’t have elements native to iOS, Android and touch screens. For example, potions are used automatically, the character dodges boss attacks automatically, and even fights himself.

The only thing you might need manual control for in Lost Ark Mobile is to complete cooperative content like “Abyss Dungeons.”

And here is a screenshot from Lost Ark Mobile.

The cut scenes and video inserts were made in Unreal Engine 5 and they look great. This is especially evident when passing through dungeons that are 4 or more years old in Lost Ark.

As for the combat system, it is much faster than in the original Lost Ark – the cooldown is shorter even for strong skills.

In co-op there are similar mini-games for all fighters.

The only thing that can push casual gamers away from Lost Ark Mobile is that they have to constantly train different skills and at the same time keep an eye on the boss in order to dodge in time.


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