An addition has recently been released. Return to Castlevania For Dead Cells. On this occasion, the producer Konami Tsutomu Taniguchi (Tsutomu Taniguchi) gave an interview to IGN. He shared that the company drew attention to the excitement of the fans after the release of the collaboration.

Taniguchi jokingly classifies the fresh extension to the isekai genre – it includes anime and manga about heroes who suddenly find themselves in another world. It’s hard to argue with a specialist, because Headless really ends up in Dracula’s castle, which is not part of the world Dead Cells.

According to the producer, Konami are proud that Castlevania had a great influence on Dead Cells. For example, in the latter you can find a whip and food hidden in the walls. And even the key art of the game with the castle smacks of Castlevania. Taniguchi admitted that the company secretly hoped for a full-fledged crossover with a “bagel” from Evil Empire And motion twin.

Besides, Taniguchi stated that in Konami noticed the enthusiasm of the fans on the background of the release Return to Castlevania. According to him, such a response motivates developers to do more franchise projects. Castlevania. “We understand that fans always want more. We ourselves want this. Therefore, it would be wrong to miss the opportunity to create such a striking crossover with Dead Cells»said the producer.

Recall that earlier Konami released collections Castlevania Anniversary Collection And Castlevania Advance Collectionendured Rondo of Blood And Symphony of the Night on PlayStation and mobile phones, and also sent Grimoire of Souls on Apple Arcade.

According to rumors, at the next E3 Konami will introduce a new part Castlevania. She will be accompanied by the announcement of a remake Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater.


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