Kingdom Heroes: Tactics is a mobile game in which gamers will choose one of 3 Chinese kingdoms, and then manage it, equip their kingdom and participate in massive PvP battles.

The developers of Kingdom Heroes: Tactics have announced that pre-loading has begun for the game on September 19th. The release will take place tomorrow, the 20th. For pre-registration, gamers will receive 100 big challenges and 1 trillion resources.

The developers of Kingdom Heroes: Tactics promise real-time battles between 200 kingdoms and thousands of units. The main thing is to quickly set up logistics and resource production. And the power of your kingdom is affected by the overall level of power.

I note that battles take place in auto mode, right on the world map. Basic gameplay mechanics can be learned during training, as well as completing story missions. It’s a pity that this game has a VIP status, which often affects the speed and ease of leveling. And training new units takes time, which can be accelerated with the help of special items.

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