Kingdom Eighties is a mobile and PC game from the publisher Raw Fury, who was responsible for many interesting premium projects on iOS and Android: Townscaper, Kathy Rain, Bad North, Kingdom Two Crowns and so on.

Kingdom Eighties is now available for pre-orders through the App Store and Google Play. The first market states that the release will take place on October 16th. Only English is listed as a language, but Steam has a Russian localization, so we hope for the best.

In the App Store, Kingdom Eighties costs 349 rubles. For this, players will receive a premium game, family access and achievements in Game Center.

Let me remind you that Kingdom Eighties is a separate and independent game in the Kingdom series with a single-player campaign and base construction. The project was inspired by the synth-pop music and neon of the 1980s. The developers say that the gameplay mechanics will be more developed than in previous Kingdom parts; however, newcomers do not need to play past games to understand Kingdom Eighties.

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