Edition Touch Arcade interviewed Josh Sawyer, and one of the questions was: “If you had an unlimited budget, no time limits and a dream team, what game would you make? Pentiment 2, Pillars of Eternity 3 or Fallout New Vegas 3?

The game designer from Obsidian Entertainment replied that he definitely would not have made Pentiment 2. He liked the first part, but he had just completed it, so he would not take on the second any time soon.

“I think if I really had an unlimited budget, I would make Pillars of Eternity 3. I heard how much money they gave for the development of Baldur’s Gate 3. I won’t say the exact numbers, but if they gave me that amount, I would do Pillars 3″ – Josh Sawyer, game designer at Obsidian.

I note that the next game from Obsidian will be Avowed, which will be released in 2024. Its director is not Josh Sawyer, but Carrie Patel.

Josh Sawyer became a famous video game designer after Fallout New Vegas. Interestingly, in a question from Touch Arcade, he also rejected the idea of ​​​​developing a 2 part, along with Pentiment 2.


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