Jewel Run is a cross-platform game, available on Steam from October 20, in the App Store from September 20, but they forgot to release the project on Google Play. Despite the fact that the description under the video contains a link to the Play Market, it does not work, and the game is not available in any country.

Jewel Run offers asymmetrical multiplayer similar to Identity V and Dead by Daylight. That is, the players are divided into 2 teams – annoying youngsters who need jewelry from the trees and the Crosby family, who protect their gardens.

The rules of the Jewel Run game are as follows – the first team consists of 7 people who must shake the trees and collect jewelry from them. The second team consists of only 2 people – and you can play with 1 – but they have faithful assistants in the form of dogs. As a result, Crosby can set a trap, run to the fallen victim and end his suffering.

The developers of Jewel Run promise a unique visual style. This is a F2P game with the ability to buy new characters through paid DLC. And if you are playing with someone who has already purchased them, you can play on premium cards completely free of charge.

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