For Assassin’s Creed Valhalla a lot of themed skins have been released. A dataminer managed to unearth information about an as-yet-unreleased set of skins for Eivor. This time Ubisoft hit the subject of robots.

The content was discovered by a user under the nickname Pedder – earlier in the game files, he found information about the DLC in the spirit God of Warwhich eventually turned out to be the addition Dawn of Ragnarok. Youtuber AndyReloads helped to highlight the disclosed materials.

What’s in the frame:

  • Two armors – in white and red coloring, which at the same time resemble stormtroopers and Iron Man.

    • In favor of the latter speaks the device on the chest, releasing an energy beam. It is activated by the Battle Cry skill.

  • A pair of blades. One has a serrated blade that moves like a chainsaw, and the other is very similar to a lightsaber.

  • Mechanical Beasts: Raven Robo and mounts as if taken from the world Horizon Zero Dawn and its sequel.

  • Skin for the boat.

Most likely, the content described above will be combined into a set. Until the materials appeared in the digital store Ubisoft. Meanwhile Assassin’s Creed Valhalla received a “bagel” mode called Forgotten Saga.


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