In articles about emulating console and PC games on smartphones, I often talk about retro projects; like Need for Speed ​​Most Wanted or Resident Evil 6. But the closer to the modern generation of games, the more difficult it is even for top mobile devices export graphics without artifacts.

But the Skyline Edge emulator once again proves its advantage among the programs that allow you to run games from Nintendo Switch on Android. So, YouTuber EmuGaming ID launched Subnautica on the people’s smartphone, POCO X3 Pro. She runs steadily at 25-30 FPS in any scenario: underwater, above water, and in her lifeboat.

Unfortunately, on Skyline Edge v72, visual artifacts appear when running Subnautica on Android. Moreover, if at the start there are few of them, then later they become much more, and it is difficult to understand their cause.

Let me remind you that Subnautica was released in 2021 on the Nintendo Switch. In it, the player needs to survive underwater, exploring dangerous places and building a real research center. It will be interesting to see how Below Zero runs on the same emulator.


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