Fourteenth season – “The pursuit” already out in Apex Legends and brought with him a new heroine, Vantage, along with other goodies. What no one expected was a bug that adds other people’s skills to legends.

Judging by the complaints of users, the error mixes the skills of the fighters, arranging real chaos on the battlefield. Among the documented cases is the gameplay for “Ashloba”: instead of a portal, the robo-heroine uses a bracelet and Loba’s special ability.

Among other hybrids is a Valkyrie with Mirage skills: the heroine creates a holographic lure without any problems. And even in the form of himself, and not the original owner of the skill. “First game of the season, great start” — the author of the video commented on the situation.

Respawn knows about the bug and is already working on fixing it. Apparently, the error appears when the gamer selects a legend not from the selection in the main menu – this changes the model of the fighter, but not his moves. Apparently, in order to avoid replacing skills, you will have to take characters from the main menu for some time.

Recall that in “Pursuit” the studio has tweaked the balance, redrawn the Kings Canyon map, raised the player level cap, and much more. More details can be found here.


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