Soccer Manager 2024 is a mobile game about managing a football club. This project has a FIFPRO license, plus you can select FCs from many countries, including Russia. It seems that the developers from Invincibles Studio were bypassed by FIFA requirements.

Soccer Manager 2024 is in beta testing via TestFlight and Google Play. Players need to submit an application, which allows them to download the client in a few minutes. The game weighs little, nothing is downloaded in the client itself, at least they don’t ask for that.

Since Soccer Manager 2024 is a F2P project, it contains advertising and in-game purchases. At the same time, the interface seems unusual after FIFA Mobile, so I advise you not to skip the tutorial.

TestFlight also states that this game supports Russian localization. Unfortunately, you cannot set the language in the settings, so you will probably have to change the system language. It is also worth mentioning that the player does not participate in the match itself, but only makes substitutions and changes tactics.

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