A modification for GTA V has appeared on the Nexus website with modsInworld Sentient Streets“. Thanks to her, passers-by are controlled by more than 30 artificial intelligence models. As a result, players can communicate with NPCs using a microphone, receiving reasonable responses.

This mode is especially suitable for those who like to role-play in Grand Theft Auto 5, as well as immerse themselves in the local world.

Only in this mod, GTA V players will have to play the role of one of the policemen. They have to interact with criminals during shifts, as well as solve crimes.

The developers of this mod also claim that the player’s AI partners will remember his decisions, so bribery and corruption will not go unnoticed.

Full installation instructions for the Sentient Streets mod can be found on a special site. Its developers say that this is an unusual mode, so the typical way to install it will not work.

The creators of this mod note that the artificial intelligence that controls the NPC is not ChatGPT, but the Inworld AI Character Engine.


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