At the end of last week, early footage from the next Grand Theft Auto. Some users were disappointed – they felt that the new GTA looks mediocre. In response to this, gamedev experts spoke out in defense Rockstar Games – they say, games should not be beautiful at the development stage.

Twitter user AvgGuy stated that graphics are usually created in the early stages of production. What is shown in the leaked videos is almost the final result, says AvgGuy.

Former executive producer reacts to controversial comment dragon age Mark Darra (Mark Darrah). According to him, two years before the release Mass Effect 3 Shepard’s model had no head. And this despite the fact that ME3 built on the same engineas the previous two parts.

Another curious fact about the triquel was shared by the screenwriter bioware Patrick Wicks (Patrick Weekes). One year before release Mass Effect 3 the studio only had a running animation ready for husks, zombie-like enemies. Therefore, for a whole month, the main character ran with this animation.

Recall yesterday Rockstar Games confirmed the leak Grand Theft Auto. The company assured that the drain would not affect the development of the project. Officially, the game will be shown when it is ready for demonstration.

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