Publisher HoYoVerse does not want to show its game Zenless Zone Zero to a large audience yet. Therefore, another CBT awaits her on November 24th. The servers will start at 6 am Moscow time.

Qualifications will be required to participate in this test. To receive it you must submit an application. Information about this is in the previous news. I will only note that the deadline for submitting applications is today, November 17, at 19:00.

Invitations to test Zenless Zone Zero will be sent out randomly. We’ll try to do something about it, but there’s a chance that HoYoVerse will be much smarter than other mobile publishers and only allow logins with email addresses or accounts that have received an invitation.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to the global release of Zenless Zone Zero in 2024, along with other gacha anime. At least the graphics and video inserts are made at a level that would be the envy of many Hollywood directors. It is hoped that this will not greatly affect the severity of the gacha system.


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