Have you noticed that you are stuck at the same level and can not overcome it? Here are some small hints that will most likely help you advance to the next rank. This, of course, is not a universal solution to all your problems, but it can be a good start.

What to improve?

Ranking system in CS:GO

Silvers and Gold Novas: Try to work on hand-eye coordination and aiming in general. This will help you, for example, deathmatch mode. Don’t forget to buy armor – it’s quite useful, because at this level, many people still don’t know how to do headshots. If you don’t have much money and you’re not in the eco round, then buy good armor first, and then see what kind of gun you can afford. Remember, armor is more important than weapons!

Master Guardians (AK’s): Most likely, you already know how to aim at this stage. It is very important to know the maps you are playing on: where you can slip through, what is the best thing to do and when, places where you can hide. Learn and upgrade the strategy for playing for terrorists, most often this is the weak point – and there you should be confident and play decisively.

Distinguished Master Guardian (DMG): Most people of this rank have trouble choosing their position. You should explore every corner. In addition, it doesn’t hurt to improve your game skills in eco-rounds and get familiar with saving methods in CS:GO in general.

Eagles: Trust your teammates, you are not a silver. It can be difficult, because everyone has ups and downs: sometimes you play like a god, and sometimes you think that you belong in silvers. NaToSaphiX made a nice video on this topic.

Team play

CS:GOTeamwork is paramount to winning

Once you reach the DMG rank and above, team cohesion starts to play a very large role in the outcome of the round.

At lower ranks, this is not so important, and it is much easier to cope alone or leave everything to teammates. In general, before DMG you work on yourself and your skill.

It seems that this is what people call “DMG hell”. They just feel like they’ve been stuck in that rank forever. And all because it doesn’t matter what they improve in their game – it does not take them to the next level.

And, most likely, precisely because they do not pay attention to the most important team game at this stage.

What to do to improve team coherence

First, sometimes you can’t do anything. Some people are just goats, and this cannot be changed, alas, in any way. Secondly, buy yourself a microphone and start using it already.

CS:GOCheer on your comrades and avoid arguments

Bought? Connected? Are teammates adequate? Great, now it looks like you can actually do something. And the best thing you can do is be kind and cheer on your comrades. Tell them they did a good job when they got it right, and tell them it was a good try if they didn’t. Everyone has bad days. Never – and that means “never”! – do not start arguing with teammates, do not be a troll and do not feed the trolls. Try not to get too emotional – it’s just a game after all. If someone starts to get bombed or something like that, tell them to calm down, but in no case do not get angry yourself. And if he continues to spread panic, just ignore him. Remember, you can always mute this person. And, of course, do not spread panic yourself – this, if not lower, then certainly will not increase the overall coherence of the team. Well, there is nothing to say about the mockery of the enemy team – do not pay attention. If you think that one of the opponents is using cheats, just quietly send a report and continue the game. Big Brother will take care of them. Believe me, cheaters are rare, and if you call your opponent such, it will only give him confidence.

Video: how to rank up in CS:GO


In summary, we’ll just reiterate what we said at the beginning: this is not a one-size-fits-all solution to all your rank issues. If these tips did not help you, then here’s another one – the final one. Every player has weaknesses that can be improved. So, your task is to find this weak spot in yourself. It can be aiming, knowledge of maps, the ability to play in a team and much more. For example, if you play on de_mirage and don’t know any points where it is most profitable to use smoke bombs, find them, at least the most important ones! Playing as terrorists will immediately become much easier. Good luck


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