How to play ground?

It has been noticed that many newcomers to the game War Thunder cannot cope with the tank control settings. For some, the technology research system is not clear at first glance. Well, others can’t find the ground at all – they go into the game, and there are only planes.

In order not to look for answers to such questions in communities and forums, use this briefing for young fighters.

So, Where is the ground in War Thunder? At the time of the creation of this briefing, only Germany, the USSR and the USA have ground equipment. We select a nation, press the “research” button, then the “army” tab – and the research branches of ground vehicles appear in front of us.

All equipment in the game is divided into 5 ranks. How to research the next rank in War Thunder? Very simple, for this you need to research or buy 6 vehicles in the previous rank. Here you can also see what this or that technique looks like. To do this, right-click on the technique and select the appearance. On the left are the specifications.

How to find out which modification is installed on the tank? To do this, right-click on the vehicle again and select “modification”. Modifications are divided into 3 types: mobility, security and firepower. The modification research system is the same as for tanks. When you hover over a modification, a tooltip pops up.

There is another interesting feature – a test drive. How to do a test drive in the game War Thunder? It is only available on researched or researchable vehicles. To do this, right-click on the tank and select “test drive”. In a test drive, you get to the training ground on the selected vehicle and do whatever you want there.

And now let’s look at the bottom panel, on which the crews of different nations are located. How to train the crew for a new tank or transfer it to another? To do this, right-click on the crew and select “change vehicles.”. Since vehicles cannot be sold, here you will see all the purchased vehicles of this nation. One crew can operate any equipment, it is enough to train it once.

Also in this menu there is a “crew” item – here you can improve the skills of the crew, but do not forget to mark in advance – air or ground vehicles. Upon reaching a certain level of the crew, it can be upgraded, which gives a bonus to certain skills.

In the “appearance” item, you can apply camouflage and a sticker.

Double experience is collected only from the nation, and not from each vehicle, so any vehicle can be used.

When you log into the game for the first time, you will be prompted to take a tutorial on how to drive a tank. If you opt out of training, you can always take it later. How to get training in War Thunder? To do this, go to the top menu, select “training course” and “initial tank training course”. You will receive a reward for completing the tutorial.

How to adjust the size of the map and settings-indicators (they are also markers)? To do this, go to the game options and select “interface”. You can also go to the control and select “tank control”, where you can configure the control or use the vehicle setup wizard, as well as set the settings of another user. In the “miscellaneous” tab, you can change the keys according to the type of shells, artillery strike and fire extinguisher.

As a result of the battle, you are credited with game currency, experience and free experience, which you can convert for golden eagles and research vehicles.

How to enter the battle? To do this, select a vehicle, select “tank battle” and type (arcade, realistic or simulation) and press the “to battle” button.

That’s all. Follow the new guides on the MMOGlobus website. Good luck!



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