Corporation choice. I don’t know about you, but I would take the one on the right 🙂

In this article, you will learn how to play Darkorbit online, where to start and how to continue. So, the key is to start!

I remind you that Dark Orbit is completely FREE to play, although, of course, here, as in any self-respecting online game, there is an opportunity to purchase a premium account, which gives many advantages to players who do not mind paying a little money. After registration, you will need to choose one of three corporations, each of which represents one of the three planets: Earth, Mars and Venus. The only difference between these factions is that their main bases are located in different parts of the map. There are still some ideological differences, which boil down to the following labels. Mars is the planet of the most violent and warlike players. Venus – on the contrary, personifies peacefulness and courage. Well, the Earth is something in between these two poles. In general, which of the planets to choose does not matter. Although according to gamers, Mars is the “coolest” planet. Apparently this is because most of the players play for him.

At first, it may seem to a beginner that playing Dark Orbit is very difficult, but once you figure it out a little, you will realize that this is a very simple game. The DarkOrbit screen consists of two key areas. On the left is the play space with our handsome ship against the backdrop of a cosmic landscape. On the right is your navigation panel, with which you can correspond with players, engage in trade, buy and sell various items and components: missiles, warheads, new starships, etc.

phoenix shipCharacteristics of the ship “Phoenix”

You will immediately notice that at the start you already have some ammunition and some funds in your account. But I do not advise you to immediately fly away from the base. Do not rush things, you will have time to participate in grandiose battles more than once. First, it is better to look around, press the buttons, read the hints. Feel free to strike up a conversation with unfamiliar players – they were all once noobs too. Later, you can join a clan and make many friends, because working together is much more interesting than solo wanderings!

To gain experience and the first profit, you should take one of the quests. Do not be afraid, the first tasks will be quite simple and will allow you to quickly get used to the game. Missions will be something like this: collect 40 units of red mineral (prometheum), for this you will receive 10 uridium, 4000 credits and 8000 experience. You can immediately take on combat missions, for example: find and destroy 10 Lordakians (alien race), for this you are entitled to 20 uridium, 8000 credits and 4000 experience.

You can select a quest from the menu. After that, press “START” and go out into outer space, where it will no longer be so safe. To navigate the ship, press and hold the left mouse button. The ship will fly as long as you keep the button pressed. The starship can also be controlled by an autopilot. To do this, simply click anywhere on the mini-map, and your ship will go in the right direction by itself..

During your travels, you will come across glowing containers that can contain anything: valuable raw materials, money, ammunition, and various components for upgrading the ship. Of course, you should not fly past these containers, it is always better to look inside. At first, you can get a good deal of money without investing real money in the game.

After completing a sufficient number of tasks, you will be able to save up for a new, more advanced starship, on which it will no longer be scary to plow the most remote corners of the location and even visit other Galaxies using portals. At the same time, each subsequent of the available Galaxies is richer in resources and all kinds of adventures.

During space travel you will come across not only allies, but also enemies. These can be other players or NPCs (ships with artificial intelligence). Battles take place in real time, so you always have to be ready.

HangarHangar in DarkOrbit

The combat system is very simple. First, select the target with the mouse, then select the weapon and the type of warhead. Everything, you can shoot. Ammunitions vary in power and price, so you should not use the best of your arsenal against weak opponents. The most powerful rockets and laser charges are best reserved for the more serious enemies – more often than not other players. Guns and types of charges are easy to change right during the battle, while it is desirable to maneuver to make it harder for the enemy to hit you.

Your equipment will be constantly reduced. Resupply is easy at the base. by going to the “Hangar” tab. At first, the assortment is not very striking, but over time, the choice of shells, ships, additional modules and everything else will grow.

All other information on the game Darkorbit you will find on the official forum of the game. There you can also read about all the tricks and tricks when passing quests and share your own experience.


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