Diamonds are the most desired material in Minecraft. And the point is not only that they are extremely rare, but also in their high practical value. Search and mining of diamonds – one of the most exciting activities in the game. But before you get down to business, be sure to take care of the availability of the necessary tools. First of all you will need iron or Diamond pickaxesince when using wood, stone or gold, you will simply destroy diamond ore without getting valuable blocks.

Finding diamonds

Finding diamonds in minecraft
Having made a suitable pick and taking a sufficient supply of torches, you can go in search of diamond ore. But to find it, you need to look in the right place. Diamond ore appears exclusively at levels 1 to 16, but most deposits are found at level 12. Your current level is indicated by the Y coordinate on the map, activated by the F3 key (Fn+F3 on Mac). Ore occurs in groups of up to eight blocks.

It is also worth remembering that lava is often present at levels 4 to 10, so try to stay higher. So you are guaranteed to be able to find diamonds and not fry.

  1. Cave exploration.
  2. Exploration of caves in minecraft
    This is the most effective and also interesting way to search for minerals. Cave systems can be of great extent and it will not be difficult to find diamond ore in them. In case lava gets in your way, you can use a bucket of water to create a bridge.

  3. Ladder mining method.
  4. Ladder method for mining diamonds in minecraft
    Since you should never dig vertically down, this method is one of the most efficient and safest in reaching the required depth for mining. The essence of the method is to create a descent in the form of a ladder, digging each next block deeper than the previous one. You can return to the surface by simply jumping over the blocks. This method allows you to check a large area for the presence of ore and is one of the most common in diamond mining.

  5. drift mining method.
  6. Drift mining method for minecraft diamonds
    A very efficient method that does not require too much time, but provides a high chance of finding diamond ore. When using it, you need to dig a horizontal tunnel 2×2 blocks in size and lay working tunnels from it every 2 blocks. This way you can cover a large area without destroying extra blocks.

  7. Full production.
  8. Full production of diamonds in minecraft
    Despite the reliability of this method, it is very time consuming and very boring. As the name implies, with this type of mining, you dig out all the blocks in a certain area. So you are guaranteed to find diamonds if they are present on the site of your choice, and the bonus will be a huge amount of mined stone and a lot of space for construction.

  9. Chests.
  10. minecraft chests
    If you are lucky, you can find diamonds in chests found in abandoned mines and villages. Although, taking into account the small chance of such an event, one should not count on any significant amount of material.

Helpful Hints

Useful minecraft tips

  • Having found diamond ore, do not immediately rush to dig it. First, inspect the neighboring blocks so that when extracting the desired resource, you do not end up in a lava flow, losing all your inventory.
  • Always stock up on enough torches. Ore mining takes place deep underground and is much more difficult to do when you can’t see anything.
  • The presence of lava does not guarantee the proximity of diamond ore. Despite the fact that many players associate her appearance with rare fossils, this is not the case. The fact is that at those levels where the most valuable ores are found, including diamond, lava often appears, so seeing it is a common thing.
  • And remember: in Minecraft, you are only limited by your imagination. Therefore, you can always come up with your own way to find diamonds.

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