It is quite possible to be a lone wolf and a team player at the same time.

What does a lurker do?

Lurk in CS:GO is a player who tries to unexpectedly strike an opponent

No-no-no, no need to remember the cozy Lurkmore, it’s not about that at all. Lurk is translated from English as “to hide”, so a lurker, respectively, is one who is hiding. But CS:GO – the game is dynamic, and while you finish the phrase: “Someone deigned to hide there,” the lurker will kill your entire team. I’m exaggerating, of course, but just a little, and you get the point.

Now to business. If you take a closer look at a competent game, you will notice that each player has his own role. Banal tank, supporter… Lurker is perhaps the most interesting role. And the things that a lurker has to do are very different from those that the same tank and supporter do. And he interacts with the team in a completely different way. The easiest way to say that a lurker is a player who sneaks around the map and tries to stab enemies from behind, but there is, in fact, something more.

Lurkers have to single-handedly find all the paths and kill or at least break the formation of the enemy on the point before the main attack begins. They also have to scout the territory and let the leader know if it’s a good idea to attack a given point at all. An example of such work is the apartments on Inferno. The lurker can hear that most of the counter-terrorists are in the pit after you have captured the banana (oh that sounds like something). This way he knows that it will take some time to regroup, and it might be worth trying to capture V. Also, the lurker might well kill the counter-terrorist in the pit if this guy realizes that the terrorists are pouring into V.

On the other hand, the lurker can go down to the boiler and try to kill whoever is sitting there in order to be closer to B – this way he will be close to the team and can help her after planting the bomb. When you are a lurker, a lot depends on your decisions: you can either pull the round or fail it safely. Here, for example, you decided to kill someone in a hole, but you didn’t succeed, and the counter-terrorists got out. Now your situation is not the best, rather, you are in a trap, and you will not help the team much anymore. On the other hand, you can secure a kill and put some pressure on the defenders of the counter-terrorist spawn point, which makes life difficult for them.

Who should be a lurker?

CS:GO teamThe ability to work in a team is important in CS:GO – this is also true for a lurker

Perhaps two traits are critical for a lurker: creativity and the ability to communicate with the team. A creative lurker can come up with a way out of situations where anyone else would have died. This also requires a good understanding of what your opponents are doing: this will allow you to know what they are planning, as well as what they expect or what they do not expect. It often takes too long for the brain to realize all this, so you should trust your instincts. You don’t know what to do in this or that situation – you just feel it. Pump up your intuition. This will likely take a long time, so don’t be discouraged if you’re a beginner. Experience is the only thing that will help you.

Well, communication with the team. Without it, in fact, the lurker is almost useless. He must assess the situation, provide good information. If he doesn’t find the counter-terrorist where he was expected, then he should alert the rest of the team that she might be heading into a trap. Remember that information about where the defenders are not can help to establish where they are.

Regular advice: it would not be bad at all if a person who watched a lot of streams and championships became a lurker. So he will know how professionals react to a particular situation. What will defender B do on Mirage if a smoke blast suddenly comes out of nowhere? Is it possible to divide the players into some types? Players who are impatient and run away too early, players who are leisurely who will sit all the way, players who generally rush back and forth erratically? Will this knowledge help you determine to which of these types the defender B belongs? Quite possible. Study the game, study the inclinations, and your chances of making the right decision on the fly will increase.

It is also important that the lurker has a good skill. He will often have to perform one on one, so without skill it all just doesn’t make sense.

Examples in professional games

the role of a lurker in CS:GOThe role of a lurker will help you to show resourcefulness when entering from difficult situations.

This round was played during the most grand final of the Dreamhack Masters in Malmö, Sweden. Christopher Alesund, better known as “GeT_RiGhT” from Ninjas in Pajamas, started the round by going solo to B. He jumped into the lower tunnels and was lucky to find John Sukharev (aka “Edward”) on the bridge. As soon as Edward fell, the rest of the NiP team found out that A had one less potential counter-terrorist.

GeT_RiGhT continued his lone advance and filled the central doors with smoke. Thus, Na’Vi had no idea how many opponents were in the center. As a result, they could not retreat to another point. With the help of two flash drives and a quiet slip in the smoke, GeT_RiGhT killed another one: Ladislav Kovacs, aka “GuardiaN”.

After that, he waited a second or two, but no one tried to make amends for the kill on B or in the center, apparently thinking that the player on B went through the tunnels for information. Perhaps the chimney in the center served two purposes. First, and quite obviously, she allowed GeT_RiGhT to do some shady dealings with flash drives. Secondly, it forced Na’Vi to go into the tunnels for reconnaissance, because now they could not know where they were going to attack NiP. After all this, there was a chance that they would realize that no one was actually at the point, and Christopher realized in time that the player on B might try to get close to him from the flank. This impeccable sense of the game allowed him to catch his third kill on Egor Vasiliev (“flamie”).

After that, his work was completed. He decided to stay in the lower tunnels and make sure the counter-terrorists didn’t attack the central doors. However, he missed the fact that Daniil Teslenko (“Zeus”) would break in in an attempt to save his armor and the CZ75-Auto.

In general, it is easy to see what a huge effect the lurker had on the course of the game. He not only took out three players, but also confused the opponents, preventing them from understanding where the main offensive was being prepared.

How to practice to become a lurker

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive door 09To successfully master the role of a lurker, you need to practice a lot – preferably with stronger opponents

So, you’ve decided to become a lurker for your team. It must be said right away: you have a lot of work ahead of you. First of all, you need, uh, how to say it. Feel the game. You need to be at ease. Watch recordings of your own games; notice how players of your level react to your actions. How opponents – or allies – react to a flash drive thrown at a certain point, in a certain place, at a certain time. If you notice any patterns, then you can understand what provoked the response.

To get to know all this well, you need to practice, practice and practice again. More precisely, play, play and play again. Best of all – against equally prepared teams, so that you know for sure that your opponents are conferring and talking among themselves. Experiment; it is important to understand how a particular opponent performs during a particular game and how you can use that to your advantage. If your team launches an attack on A and you pelt B with flashguns and smoke blowers, how long will it take for B’s defenders to get to A? Perhaps you can do something to get them through and make them dance to your tune?

Given the very essence of your role, you will have to spend a lot of time in deathmatch. You just need to learn how to win these aiming duels. As one wonderful person said: do not learn ten thousand blows one time, it is better to repeat one blow ten thousand times. If you spend more time training than your opponent, then you will increase the chances of getting out of any situation not only dry from the water, but also on horseback.

When you play, to practice, try to mix everything up as much as possible and try it out so that for each scenario you have a blank that you can then use in different cases. But also remember that you can confuse enemies with the monotony of your actions. By repeating the same thing round after round, you can give opponents a false sense of security. Usually this is done with the help of a flue and a couple of flash drives. It is important that in the end you stay alive. After a couple of rounds, the enemies will decide that they have figured you out; when you throw your branded grenades, they will “understand” that you are an adyn, absolutely an adyn … And then you fall out on them with the whole Caucasian family, that is, the whole team, and the opponents are confused and can’t even really regroup. GeT_RiGhT may not be the first to come up with this, and perhaps – only perhaps – he is not the most skilled master of this technique, but he certainly made this strategy popular and famous. And, of course, he spent a lot of time on practice.

By the way, this brings us to the next tip.

Watch the masters play

CS:GO player on a buildingLearn to play as a lurker from the pros

Yes, yes, again. Almost in every article this advice is found. And not in vain. Whatever role you choose for yourself, you will have to watch the games of professionals in order to improve. First of all, you need to answer a few questions for yourself. Go.

First: what exactly is this player doing? Thinking about this question constantly, you will involuntarily search for information more useful than just facts like “oh, he killed him.” In addition, it will distract you from unhappy thoughts like “I want the same, but it’s unlikely that I will ever succeed.” You’ll get it if you try.

Once you’ve answered question #1, it’s time to move on to question #2: why is this player doing what they’re doing? Here it becomes more difficult: you will have to watch not only the lurker, but also his teammates, whom, most likely, he is trying to help. Well, what to do, lurkers rarely do what they do, just like that.

So, that’s sorted out. But finding really good players is quite difficult, and especially lurkers – and even more so. Of the generally recognized ones, there is GeT_RiGhT – so far the best lurker in the history of CS:GO and Counter-Strike in general. In general, any player has something to learn from him.

In addition to him, there is also Spencer Martin from Team Liquid with the nickname “Hiko”. No, he is not Russian, although the nickname seems to hint. Recently, he moved to support; You will find a lot of useful information on the recordings from MLG Columbus Major. Hiko is more passive than GeT_RiGhT, but he can kill. Especially towards the end of the round.

You can find both of them at Poke on “Events”, then on “Past events” and find links to their huge archives. There you will definitely find something to your liking.

Well, my dears, study, study and study again! And then you will definitely achieve what you are striving for.

How to play Lurk in CS:GO


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